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Unit Commissioner: I give counsel to the adult leaders in my local Cub Scout Pack.

Assistant District Commissioner: I am responsible for an assigned share of the units in the district, and the unit commissioners who serve those units.

Troop Committee Chair: I serve as the Troops 51 Committee Chair

Lewis & Clark District Digital Communications Chair: I help manage the District’s blog, Facebook Page, newsletter, and other social media

Wood Badge: I attended Wood Badge training course W2-315-17-2 in the autumn of 2017. I was beaded in September 2018. I served as a Troop Guide for the Eagle Patrol during W2-315-18-1, and I served as Senior Patrol Leader for course W2-315-19-1. I will be Course Director for course W2-315-20-2. I am assisting with the holistic marketing plan for Wood Badge in Montana Council, including the development of the Wood Badge Montana website