City Council Report July 17, 2018

Good evening, at tonight’s City Council meeting we approved the minutes of the July 3rd meeting. (00:01:19) We approved Councilman Major’s request to be out of state between tonight and the next scheduled meeting of the Council (00:02:01), and we elected Councilman Merja as the Council President (00:02:38).

In unfinished business, we took the Joint Resolution to re-authorize County/Cities Airport Board from the table so we could take action on it this evening (00:03:49). Once it was taken from the table (00:10:20) we discussed the Joint Resolution under New Business and approved as it is currently written.

My understanding is if the resolution is modified by another of the Agencies (one of the other cities – Dutton or Fairfield, or Teton County) the Choteau City Council will review and approve the new langue before it can go into effect.

We approved Resolution 827 (Resolution Fixing the Limits of the Salary and Compensation for Certain City Officials and Employees) that was recommended to the Council from the budgetary committee (00:20:03). The Resolution approved a 50 cent raise for our hard-working city staff. The resolution also addresses City Officials but no change was made to the Council/Mayor pay schedule.

Next on the agenda, we authorized the destruction of administrative documents (Claims, Bank statements, etc.) from Q3 2012-Q2 2013 by the Deputy Clerk (00:21:40).

We approved the final payment to Williams Brothers Construction for the sewer project as recommended by Dowl (00:22:48).

We approved street closures for the Swim Team Divisionals July 28-29th (00:25:01)

And finally under New Business, we approved Claims for the 2nd half of June (00:26:08) and 1st half of July (00:27:59).

We reviewed Reports. Councilman Major asked what an “Urban Zone Violation” is. It is a violation under 61-8-303(2)(A) of the MCA which addresses passing. The last report from the City Judge was from the previous meeting of the Council. The Public Works Director was unavailable to provide a report because he was working. The Council had an informative and insightful discussion about the preliminary FY19 budget. We had no reports from the Board of Adjustments, nor the Tree and Sidewalk Board.
There was only one member of the public at the meeting, and he inquired about the status of the sidewalk project on 7th Ave NW.

The meeting adjourned.